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Parents Survey


In the second half of the Spring term in 2021, we asked our parents for their feedback on our school.  The results are published below:

My child is happy at Cranford CE Primary School - 98% agreed/strongly agreed

During the lockdown (and previous lockdowns), we were happy with the schools' approach to remote learning - 98% agreed/strongly agreed

My child feels safe at school - 98% agreed/strongly agreed

The school makes sure the pupils are well behaved - 98% agreed/strongly agreed

The school make me aware of what my child is learning - 98% agreed/strongly agreed

When I have raised concerns, the school has dealt with them properly - 100% agreed/strongly agreed

The school has high expectations of my child - 97% agreed/strongly agreed

My child does well at school - 98% agreed/strongly agreed

The school lets me know how well my child is doing - 92% agreed/strongly agreed

My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school - 100% agreed/strongly agreed

The school support my child's wider personal development - 100% agreed/strongly agree

I would recommend this school to another parent - 100% said “Yes” they would

We love to hear your feedback and use it to help shape the future of our school.  Did you know that there is also the option of giving this feedback to Ofsted which can also be used to develop the school.  Click on the image below to find out more:


Feedback received from Parent and Carers

The March 2021 survey allowed parents/carers to leave comments.  Here's a selection:

A superb set up… a real family feel.  Can’t speak highly enough of the school and would recommend to anyone.

I feel that Cranford has been exemplary… my child is performing as expected and has not suffered any slipping at all.

We, as parents, feel the school have gone above and beyond for our son and all children during this last year (during the pandemic).

I would recommend your school to anyone without hesitation. You should all feel really proud, not just for the teaching but all your compassion and care that you give to all of the children. I personally cannot rate your school high enough…

I am beyond impressed at how the school has handled the past year....

Thank you for providing a bit of normalcy and connection for our children and ensuring they aren't left behind.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every staff member for all their hard work and the incredible leadership here.

The last year has been challenging beyond words for everyone. Yet the school has continued to run with the same 'child centred' ethos it always has. The teaching staff have gone above and beyond to ensure all children have had access to, and engaged with, learning - be it on site or remotely. I feel privileged that my child is lucky enough to be among them.  Thank you again. All of your hard work is so appreciated!

Having seeing how they are being taught during lockdown, I am very grateful to all the staff... for all the hard work they put in to provide a fun yet productive learning environment for all the children.

My child loves coming into school every day. The staff and school have continued to amaze me in all that they do and have done throughout the pandemic. The Head works tirelessly to support all children and always is very approachable. Thank you for everything you do Team Cranford.

I love the school and so does my child. He has come on leaps and bounds with Mr Tyman and we will be forever grateful - thank you. The Head is great and always listens to any comments made and actions them appropriately. I can't recommend the school enough.

Lockdown lessons and learning was excellent… it gave us a great structure to work with, she felt included and easily engaged with those in class, it was lovely to see.  Since being back, every day has been 'the best day ever'…

Well done for helping us through this crazy time and keeping our children learning and safe.

Thanks for all you are doing for the children. They will surely leave Cranford with a good set of values!

We are even happier we picked this school due to the way you have handled every aspect during lockdowns… We have felt safe sending our daughter in and she has been very happy coming in… 100% would recommend your school.

I know that I made the best decision to change her school when I did, however my only regret is I didn't do it sooner…

To see my child happy content and looking forward to school, is a testimony to the school… and all staff... of the fantastic work they are doing with the children!

We would just like to say how well as a school you did through lockdown.  When speaking to other parents and comparing schools no other school was [providing] the same amount of remote learning as you.  We had constant feedback from Mr Tyman, which was great. Well done Cranford.  We would highly recommend the school to anyone.  A lovely school with a personal touch.

I recommend Cranford school to everyone I speak to. Mr Albert and all the teachers have made my children love school.

Additional feedback received during the lockdown periods

Celebrating Ramadan: Mr Albert, Absolutely amazing!  My little girls face lit up.  You have far exceeded my expectations as a school to demonstrate unity, respect, love and diversity,  Thank you so much!  Respect to your leadership in teaching.  Happy mum!

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all yours and the teachers hard work in trying to get all the work to the children.   In these difficult times you have maintained a good a teaching structure where the children are able to progress and not be behind at all.  Thank you to the teachers as well, they are doing their best as well in sending the work regularly, checking this and providing feedback.

Thank you for a truly uplifting assembly.  It was funny, heartfelt and touching in parts.  It was lovely to feel part of a community again and see faces we haven’t seen in what now feels like forever.  I am also extremely impressed with the steep learning curve many of you have accomplished with IT lessons. No one ever had this in their teacher training  but you have embraced it like the professionals you are.

Can I just say thank you so much for the on-line learning this week it has been amazing!! My child has really enjoyed it and loved see her friends and being involved, its been so lovely to watch.  Mrs Taylor and team have done a great job and worked through all the technical stuff its thrown up brilliantly. Thank you to everyone over there for working so hard at putting this together we really appreciate it so much!

It’s a really good way of doing things and I appreciate all the time and effort the teachers are putting into this.

Mr Tyman was very patient and explained the work well.

I just wanted to let you know J really enjoyed the zoom lessons today and is looking forward to tomorrow!

…he felt really involved and engaged in the lessons.

From a teaching and learning aspect it was really effective, well done!

J completed this totally unaided. She is enjoying the Zoom lessons and being part of a class again.

J really enjoyed the online work. We really appreciate all your hard work in getting this set up. Thank you.

Fab lessons today! Thank you. My child does love to see you and some of her friends on zoom too. You have adapted fabulously- very impressed!!

Pupil Voice


Please find the feedback from ‘Pupil Voice’ that was collected on 16th April 2021


  • All of the pupils enjoyed coming to school and learning.  Pupils told us that they "...enjoyed their lessons" and " being with their friends."
  • They feel safe at school but were worried about the Coronavirus in the word.
  • They all feel that their teachers help them to do their best learning. "My teacher helps me improve my work." and "My Teacher points out corrections to me." were just some of the comments we were told.
  • The pupils in EYFS and KS1 feel that their teachers listen to them, "Teachers always listen to my ideas."; and they all said that they could talk to the adults at school if something was worrying them.  They told us that their teachers always sorted out their problems.
  • The pupils said that behaviour was always good in their classes and they were able to explain the school's behaviour system and what happens if someone got a consequence for making poor choices in the classroom or outside.
  • The pupils know what bullying is and don't think there is any bullying at Cranford.
  • They told us that "School has taught them how to be healthy"  and that their PSHE lessons "... teach me what to do when I have worries."
  • All pupils unanimously agreed that school teaches them to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone fairly.
  • The children liked the changes in school, saying "I love our Music Barn [in Acorns]" and "I like the way my teacher uses the visualiser in lessons."
  • Pupils said school would be even better if we had a "Petting Zoo!" and a "Butterfly Garden!" but someone also said, "It's great as it is!"


  • The pupils all agreed that they enjoy coming to school.  Among other things, they said: "I like learning about other people and cultures." and "It's a wonderful working environment."
  • According to the pupils, their Teachers help them to do their best learning.  Our teachers: "Make learning easier.""... boost our confidence...";  "... make me more independent""...never forget about you and always get round to you." and "... push me to be my best".
  • In addition, to this, the children told us that their teachers give them work that challenges them: "... don't let us take the easy option""My teacher give me work that stretches my mind." and "... they know our ability and what our next step is... don't let us take the easy route."
  • The pupils enjoy learning about "..different places and people.".  The Geography they have learnt has "... introduced me to places that I'd like to visit." whilst their wellbeing sessions have taught them that "... making mistakes means I am clearly trying something different."   The pupils also like the fact that their teachers give them the independence to get resources to help them if they need it.
  • The children felt that the Teachers listened to them:  "... really listens when I give an answer." and are "... never minds re-explaining things to us."
  • Pupils know they can to the adults in school and that they will always sort out any problem they have.  "I'd be happy to discuss any issues I was having with any staff member."
  • The children think that the Teachers use the behaviour system well and the children understand how it works.
  • The children feel safe at school and believe children behave well around the school and in class.  "The school's response to COVID has made me feel safe."
  • Pupils explained that bullying is usually repetitive behaviour and that "There's no bullying at Cranford."  They elaborated by telling us that if there was bullying, there would be "...severe consequences".
  • The school encourages the children to look after their physical health: "Teachers make sure that all pupils join in PE sessions - they're not allowed to opt out."
  • Pupils know that the school also values their mental health: "... we do work on our resilience..."; "I enjoy the wellbeing sessions."; "Teachers take time to discuss things... they're never dismissive" and "When I joined the school, it taught me not to be scared of new things."
  • "School encourages me to look after belongings - my own and other peoples."
  • Children told us that by learning about cultures they have learnt the importance of "...respecting one another." and that "...even though we're a Church of England school, we learn about other faiths..."
  • The children can see positive impact from changes "...the behaviour system has improved things" and "... respecting each other feels brilliant".  They can see physical changes have "... helped our physical wellbeing", whilst some changes that have been made nessary by COVID have proven popular: "I like sittings in rows so there's less messing and turning around."
  • School would be even better if "...there were more catch-up sessions."; "... healthy eating [healthy lunchboxes] became a rule."; there was "... an extra break after Cold and Hot writes [extended writing]."; teachers explain consequences to all, not just the child who receives it; whilst somebody said "I don't want the school to change in any way."

Children and families services

There are a range of different family-related services provided across the county.​​ These include advice and support in all kinds of areas; provision for clubs and activities; and general community and well-being services. If some of these may be of use or are of interest, please click here.