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Feedback received from Parent and Carers

"Celebrating Ramadan: Mr Albert, Absolutely amazing!  My little girls face lit up.  You have far exceeded my expectations as a school to demonstrate unity, respect, love and diversity,  Thank you so much!  Respect to your leadership in teaching.  Happy mum!"

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for all yours and the teachers hard work in trying to get all the work to the children.   In these difficult times you have maintained a good a teaching structure where the children are able to progress and not be behind at all.  Thank you to the teachers as well, they are doing their best as well in sending the work regularly, checking this and providing feedback."

"Thank you for a truly uplifting assembly.  It was funny, heartfelt and touching in parts.  It was lovely to feel part of a community again and see faces we haven’t seen in what now feels like forever.  I am also extremely impressed with the steep learning curve many of you have accomplished with IT lessons. No one ever had this in their teacher training  but you have embraced it like the professionals you are."

"Can I just say thank you so much for the on-line learning this week it has been amazing!! My child has really enjoyed it and loved see her friends and being involved, its been so lovely to watch.  Mrs Taylor and team have done a great job and worked through all the technical stuff its thrown up brilliantly. Thank you to everyone over there for working so hard at putting this together we really appreciate it so much!"

"It’s a really good way of doing things and I appreciate all the time and effort the teachers are putting into this.”

“Mr Tyman was very patient and explained the work well.”

“I just wanted to let you know J really enjoyed the zoom lessons today and is looking forward to tomorrow!”

“…he felt really involved and engaged in the lessons.”

“From a teaching and learning aspect it was really effective, well done!”

“J completed this totally unaided. She is enjoying the Zoom lessons and being part of a class again.”

“J really enjoyed the online work. We really appreciate all your hard work in getting this set up. Thank you.”

"Fab lessons today! Thank you. My child does love to see you and some of her friends on zoom too. You have adapted fabulously- very impressed!!"


Parents Survey


At the Parent Consultation meetings held in November 2019, we asked for your feedback on a number of statements.  The results are published below:

  • 100% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that their child is happy at our school.
  • 100% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that their child feels safe in our school.
  • 94% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that we make sure pupils are well behaved.
    • 3% did not know
  • 95% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that we make them aware of what their child is learning.
  • 86% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that we deal with their concerns properly when they raise these with us.
    • 14% of parents said they did not know how we deal with concerns.
  • 100% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that we have high expectations of their child.
  • 97% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that their child does well at our school.
    • 3% did not know
  • 97% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that we let them know how well their child is doing in school
  • 100% parents strongly agreed/agreed that their child can take part in clubs and activities in our school.
  • 97% of parents strongly agreed/agreed that the school supports their child’ wider personal development
    • 3% did not know
  • 100% of parents would recommend our school to another parent

We love to hear your feedback and use it to help shape the future of our school.  Did you know that there is also the option of giving this feedback to Ofsted which can also be used to develop the school.  Click on the image below to find out more:


Pupil Voice


Please find the feedback from ‘Pupil Voice’ that was collected independently on Tuesday 3rd December 2019:


  • All thought they attended a great school. ‘Simply the best’ said one pupil.
  • All unanimously agreed that the teachers helped them to learn. They enjoyed the many different activities and love it when they were given an extra hard challenge.  ‘We like it when teachers explain things clearly. It helps us to get better.’
  • All agreed that bullying was not a problem at Cranford.  'Everyone helps each other’
  • All agreed that teachers help children to understand by writing green comments in their books.  ‘Teachers always give you an example….. you are never left on your own.'


  • All pupils unanimously agreed that the work challenges all children, whatever ability level. One pupil said: ‘Teachers activate our learning, they turn it on so we are always ready for the next step.’
  • ‘If we learn something quickly there is always something new and more challenging to do.’
  • ‘Challenging is not the same as hard; there is a chance that you may be able to do it if you try.’
  • Over the past year there have been so many improvements to our school grounds:  ‘There is so much equipment so that we can keep fit and have fun.’  ‘This school believes in celebrating our achievements.' 
  • '...there is plenty of extra help for some children and always something new for others.’
  • ‘All children are valued and listened to. There is always fairness and we have a great school council that speaks up for our views.'
  • ‘Maths is practical. We have so much new equipment to help us in our learning. It makes sense to me now.’
  • All children agreed that bullying was not an issue. ‘Sometimes things happened that were called bullying but they were not bullying because bullying is several times on purpose.

Children and families services

There are a range of different family-related services provided across the county.​​ These include advice and support in all kinds of areas; provision for clubs and activities; and general community and well-being services. If some of these may be of use or are of interest, please click here.